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At Car Wrapping Perth, we are a small business which started back in 2002 with our original company Star Tint.

Over time we have gained experience in many different aspects of signage and graphics as well as many specialist films including anti-graffiti film, Architectural window tinting, computer cut frosting and more recently computer cut paint protection film.

In 2009 we began the journey of exploring the possibilities of car wrapping and our installers gained full accreditation from 3M Australia and Avery Dennison as well as Hexis, having attended many training days and gained valuable industry hands on experience.  We always aim for perfection and we are constantly learning new tips and techniques to improve the speed and efficiency of our work which benefits our customers.

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In 2016 Car Wrapping Perth was formed and we have made the move away from residential and commercial work and began to focus on our true passion of wrapping many different types of vehicles, as well as fridges, motorbikes, dryers, boats, vans, horse floats … the list goes on.


Wrapping is an art form and we never know what the future will bring.

Top 3 Benefits of Wrapping

An Easy and Quick Change to Your Vehicle’s Look: With car wrapping, you will enjoy a completely new appearance of your vehicle simply by changing its colour.
Maintain Your Vehicle’s Residual Value: A car wrapping will not only bring a refreshed look to your vehicle but also it will help you maintain its residual value.
Flaunt Your Individual Styling: A car wrapping service will allow you to create a unique, uncommon, and different effect that can not be easily achieved by re-spraying.